Rev. Peter Popoff made his first missionary appearance in Indianapolis on June 9, 2013


You could have already heard about Rev. Peter Popoff as he is the founder of People United for Christ and also Peter Popoff Ministries.
Peter Popoff shared to the people the message of hope, deliverance, faith, and heal some of them.
Among the places which he has visited was Indianapolis. He has gathered many people in the city who were hungry for the words of God.
Rev. Peter Popoff was already thinking about organizing the ministry prior to travelling and residing in the United States.
Before he began preaching, Rev. Popoff already knew that God wanted him in order to spread His words to everyone, particularly in Eastern Europe where churches were held under the communist regime.
He started the Peter Popoff Ministries soon after graduating in college and marrying the girl he really loved named Elizabeth in 1971.
By the time that Popoff has begun his radio program in 1976, also, he started the Bible smuggling operations to areas including China and even parts of Eastern Europe.
In 1985, Rev. Popoff had Gospel literature tied in helium-filled balloons. To make certain that the Gospels would be received by a lot of individuals one piece, he had it sealed in watertight coverings. Through tides, these Gospels were able to be safely transported to numerous cities where the Gospel was banned. However, Rev. Popoff never failed.
To this day, thousands of underground Christian believers are extremely thankful for Peter’s commitment. Their spiritual life was made possible because of the help of the evangelist, Peter Popoff.
Rev. Popoff has always believed that spreading the great news is not impossible.
More than 30,000 people have went to the congregation in Odessa, Russia where all of them gathered in order to witness God’s miracle. These folks found fulfillment inspite of the long walks they endured when they heard the preachings of Rev. Popoff testifying precisely how powerful God can be.
Since his childhood days, Peter knew he was called to reach the entire world with the Gospel. An intense love for the Word of God and the strong desire to share that wonderful experience in Christ to all individuals filled his heart.
Right after owning a television program, he started preaching extensively thereby reaching out the entire American states. Now, he can share the good news and also reach out to people in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East via satellite.
Forty years of life changing ministry is continuously being taken care of by Peter Popoff.
The main goal of the ministry would be to reach out and touch people's heart emotionally and spiritually. Many men, women and children were unmistakably healed by the Peter's multi-faceted ministry. As of this moment, a lot more people are turning from being hopeless to having a strong faith.
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